Columbia Scholastic Press Association

CSPA is an international student press association, founded in 1925, whose goal is to unite student journalists and faculty advisers at schools and colleges through educational conferences, idea exchanges, textbooks, critiques and award programs.

Convention Program


Convention Program

These are the first 200 sessions that are part of the 300 that are will be presenting at this year's convention. These sessions below are confirmed and we are preparing another 60 sessions to be added by 2/20. Sessions will also include onsite critiques and student swap shops.


-A Wiser Adviser
-Advising: It’s not that bad
-Backseat Driving
-Blogging your way to better journalism
-Building the Bond
-Columns: Love to read them; hard to write them
-Fighting for Free Speech While taking a Stand Against Racism
-Firm Foundations
-From first date to falling in love
-Going Online: Lessons Learned
-How to motivate the unwilling to do the impossible for  the ungrateful
-I didn’t Think of That: Teaching Non-Linear Problem Solving Skills
-I’m Not the Editor in Chief, Finally
-Learn to Have Fun While Running a Well-Oiled Machine
-Media Masters: Grading by points
-Midnight Deadlines Do Not Work for Me
-Mission Statements are Meaningful
-Moving from Club to Classroom
-Problem Based Learning and You: A New Approach to Student Publications
-Sell ads: set your publication free
-Slippery Slope of Prior Reivew
-Tackling Daily Obstacles: A Forum for School Publication Advisers
-Transforming to a Digital World
-Two Publications/One Staff
-Yearbooks A- Z


-#FreeThePlaywickian - Supporting Scholastic Press Rights from Coast to Coast
-8 Things You Didn’t know Adobe Illustrator Could Do
-A Twisted Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste
-Advanced Fundraising
-Advanced InDesign
-All in a Day’s Work: Daily publishing online basics
-Beginning Photography
-Beginning Photoshop
-Beyond Controversy: Covering Religion in High School
-Beyond the Bar Graph
-Borrowing from the pros
-Brand-New: How to Professionalize Your Program to Impress
-Bringing It Home: How to localize world and national news
-Camera Rolling - Starting a Broadcasting Program
-Control Freak’s Guide to Design
-Controlling the Photo Chaos
-Cornflakes, Confessions and Controversies
-Design in Mind
-Design Quest 2016
-Design so cool it will make your eyes bleed
-Design—Basics and Beyond
-Designating Your Publication as Public Forum
-Education records privacy and scholastic journalism
-Empathy: The Key to Great Storytelling
-Finding Sources, Data To Build Better Stories
-Four Levels of Storytelling
-Get #Kurnt
-Globe Games for focus and fun
-Going long: The possibilities of longform stories
-Gun reporting in America
-Hide Yo’ Grids, Hide Yo’ Guides
-How to come up with awesome story ideas
-I Followed all Directions, so what’s wrong?
-It’s no wonder colleges want me
-Just My Type
-Just Put It In Pictures
-Localizing and Nationalizing News
-Merging your media: Ways to work together
-Metaphorical Images: Engage your reader in a thought-provoking and Visual Manner
-Motivating and Rewarding your Staff
-Moving Up
-No Repeat Staff? No Problem!
-Not All Gloom and Doom
-Oh No You #Gridnt
-On the air? Give it some flair.
-Order up!: Creating your own “Food Network”
-Organizing a Connected Staff
-Paly Radio: Adventures of a “Start-Up” Publication
-Photography for Everyone
-Power of the Huddle
-Powerful PR
-Review writing: Getting it all
-Social Media that Gets You There
-Spend your summer working in media!
-State laws protecting press freedom
-Steps to create a better design/art headline
-Student press rights: You can have them, too
-The Anatomy of Typography
-The Big Bang Theory
-The Inside Scoop on Covering Sports at Your School
-The Mobile Newsroom
-Thinking Fancy Thoughts
-This Is #LiterallyEverything
-Tips and Tricks in Photoshop and InDesign
-Trello Super Tool - 2015
-Using journalism skills to market yourself
-Using Your Editorial Experiences To Help Get In The College Of Your Choice
-Wait! Don’t Turn In That Story Yet!
-Wanna be a #journalist? Step up your Twitter game.
-We design with a little help from our friends
-When Bae #HadEnough
-Write Copy that Readers Care About
-Write it right, write it tight
-Yearbook is journalism


-15 for ‘15
-5 Must-Haves for Online Articles
-Back to shoe-leather journalism: Enterprise stories for the Web
-Broadcast Live: You only need your phone.
-Broadcast Script Writing Tips for Video
-Broadcast Your Voice
-Can You Hear Me Now? Teaching Broadcast Concepts in a Cross-Platform World
-Creating an Award-Winning  Multilingual Literary, Art and Music Online Magazine
-Do This, Not That
-Driving Online Content
-From Zero to 60 in Six Months
-Get Engaged: Social media beyond, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
-Get started blogging
-Going Digital:  How to get the most out of the move to an online publication
-How to Start a Podcast
-Infographics, Web-based Apps, and Clever Add-ons: How to Make Online Stories Pop
-Just hashtag it: Social media and your publication
-Once More, From the Top: How “Dry-Runs” Will Make Your Broadcast Awesome
-Online workflow
-Social Media Content Distribution Rules and Regulation
-Thriving in cyber space
-Using Social Media to Engage Your Audience


-A Broad Overview of Poetry
-A Marriage of True Minds: The Literary-Arts Hybrid
-Across the Bridge of Dreams
-Child Time
-In Praise of Walking
-Is This Any Good?
-Lyrics Inspire Powerful Poetry & Prose
-Memoirs & Personal Essays
-Meter without Stress
-Month-by-Month: Building a Strong Literary/Art Magazine
-Now What Do I Do with it?
-Persona Poems & Dramatic Monologues
-Poetry in Translation
-Poetry: The Language of Art — The Visible Word
-Poetry: The Language of Music
-Seed Books & Journals
-Sparks from the Anvil
-Surrealism: Its Relevance to Writers Today
-The Art of Suggestion: Visual and Literary Metaphors Working Together.
-The Authentic Art of Writing
-There is Life Beyond Literary/Art Magazines
-Vibrato: The Stafft Behind the Magazine


-All the world’s a stage
-Covering Your School Arts
-Dancing on the Edge of the Cliff
-Ethical Challenges in Investigative Reporting
-Finding and Reporting the Truth in the High School Newspaper  
-How Not to Let the Administration Push You Around
-How to News and Feature Stories Get Emotional Content into Your Newspaper
-How to Say Something Meaningful without Whining
-How to Sell Ads
-Investigative Reporting for Your High School Newspaper
-Keep on Trucking
-Learn to Copy Edit
-More is More
-News and feature writing
-Reinventing Your School Newspaper
-Reviewer v. Critic
-Right Under Your Nose: Stories and Photos School Newspapers Miss
-Sports Writing
-Staff Motivation
-Systems for Covering the School Community
-Take It From The Times 
-Telling the Whole Story
-The Ethics of Expertise: Opinions, Overreaching, and the Dangers of Hyperbole
-Things They Might Not Teach You in J-School
-Visual-Verbal Connection for Front Page Newspapers
-Why Nobody Reads Your Paper
-Winning Awards for Your Editorials
-Writing about the death of a student or teacher
-Writing Bright With The New York Times  
-Writing Fashion & Beauty: Frivolous or Functional?


-Documentary Photography
-Enviromental Portraits that WOW.
-Essentials of Nikon Digital SLR Photography: Photojournalism and Artistry
-It’s All About Light: The Basics of Digital Photography and SLR Cameras
-Photography: Basic to Fantastic
-Picture Speaks 1000 Words
-Publishing Photos from a Point-and-Shoot or Cell Phone.
-Saving Face
-Single Photograph Photojournalism


-16 for 2016
-45 Tips in 45 Minutes
-A Designer’s Guide to what works
-A new tradition in coverage?
-Baby market
-Be Inspired
-Better by Design
-Blank Space
-Coloring Outside the Lines
-Coverage: It’s What Sells
-Design Shouldn’t End Where Type Begins
-Diet. Exercise. And pizza.
-How to Approach Strangers and Capture a Quality Interview
-How to Survive the Demands of a Chronological Book
-Leadership and the First Follower
-Magazine Mania
-Make Readers Feel Really Good
-More than the Score: Training Journalists (and Athletes!) for Sports Coverage
-Now That’s a Concept
-So you’re new to what?
-Special Delivery
-Spreads We Love
-Step-by-step design
-Tell YOUR story with VOICE!
-The Dream Team: Divine Design + Writing that Wows
-Thinking Outside the Box
-Trends in Yearbook Theme, Design and Coverage
-Two Team Approach to Chronological Yearbooks
-Visual Storytelling for Yearbooks
-What does the Font Say?
-Writing A Yearbook Article
-Yearbook Countdown
-Yearbook Fairies Don’t Exist
-Yearbook Fashion Week 2015

Convention Program Outline

Wednesday, March 18, 2015
8am- 3pm Registration
10-10:45am First Topic Sessions, 
11-11:45am Second Topic Sessions , Student Swap Shops
Noon-1:20pm Lunch
1:30-2:15pm Third Topic Sessions, Student Swap Shops
2:30-3:15pm Fourth Topic Sessions, Student Swap Shops

Thursday, March 19, 2015
8am -3pm Registration continues
9-9:45am Fifth Topic Sessions
10-10:45am Sixth Topic Sessions, Student Swap Shops
11-11:45am Seventh Topic Sessions, Student Swap Shops
Noon-1:20pm Lunch, Advisers Lunch
1:30-2:15pm Eighth Topic Sessions, Student Swap Shops
2:30-3:15pm Ninth Topic Sessions

Friday, March 20, 2015
8-10:45am Registration continues
8:45-9:30am  Tenth Topic Sessions
9:45-10:30am Eleventh Topic Sessions Student Swap Shops
10:45-11:30am Twelfth Topic Sessions, Student Swap Shops
11:45-12:30pm Advisers Association Meeting,Thirteenth Topic Sessions
Noon-2:20pm Lunch, Advisers Luncheon, Murphy, O’Malley, Gold Key Award Presentations
2:30-3:30pm Awards Convocation Crown Awards