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2013 O'Malley Citation

2013 Charles R. O'Malley Award citation for C. Randy Stano

Education can take place in many different venues. We talk about lifelong learning as something that is real and tangible, not just theoretical or imaginary. But lifelong teaching can also be very real.

Carl Randy Stano has been teaching since his graduation from the university of Texas at Austin. He first built a teaching career in high school in his native state, where he advised both newspaper and yearbook at A.N. McCallum High School in Austin. Top awards in both state and national competitions recognized the excellence of his students. His own excellence was recognized hen he was selected as the Dow Jones New Fund’s National Journalism of the Year.

While completing a master’s degree from the Newhouse School at Syracuse University, he studied design with Mario Garcia, then just beginning his career as a major force in modern news design throughout the world. Stano’s work was a newspaper designer followed with stints at various Gannett papers and his subsequent major role as director of editorial art and design at The Miami Herald, where he conceived and supervised a total redesign of the paper, including  a commission of a new typeface from a German type foundry. Many awards, including shares in two Pulitzer Prizes, recognized his professional work at two of these newspapers.

Along the way he built a volunteer career with the Society of News Design, where he rose through the organization to its presidency and served as chair of its international design competition, including close supervision of the publication of its annual of award winners. He has served as chief judge for the CSPA’s Gold Circle Awards competition since its inception in 1984, recruiting professionals as judges.

In recent years he took up a full-time, tenured faculty position at the University of Miami, teaching visual design and communication to both print and broadcast students. Never one to shy away from teaching and mentoring, he took on the advising of its yearbook and a magazine created by the students.  Both now regularly win awards from CSPA and the Associate Collegiate Press, among others. He brings out the best work in his students and the awards simply ratify that.

During all of these endeavors he has carefully nurtured students, former colleagues and alumni in seeking jobs, developing their own businesses as consultants, as well as gaining new skills and training.  For his lifelong willingness to teach at all levels of journalism, the Columbia Scholastic Press Association is proud to confer its Charles R. O’Malley Award for Excellence in Teaching on Carl Randy Stano.

This citation was written and presented by Edmund J. Sullivan, executive director of the Association.

  • Biography for Carl Randy Stano
  •    Carl Randy Stano is the professor of practice in visual journalism at the School of Communications at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida. He is the former director of editorial art and design of the Miami Herald and the Democrat and Chronicle of Rochester, New York. He also taught at A.N. McCallum High School in Austin TX during the 1970s and was the Dow Jones Newspaper Fund’s National Journalism Teacher of the Year in 1974.
  •    Stano’s teaching record extends across both high school and university. He devotes many hours lecturing and critiquing but for Stano, teaching goes far beyond the four walls of the classroom. He makes it his personal goal to fully prepare his students to become the next generation of journalists and visual communicators. He supplements his instruction by networking with professional colleagues and former students for leads on internships and jobs in the field. He also organizes several trips for his students to be exposed to different newsrooms across the country as well as internationally. Sometimes it is simply giving time one-to-one time to students like providing a ride to an interview.
  •    This attention to his students creates strong bonds between Stano and his students. Former student Jeremy Newman, University of Miami, 2000 is grateful for his relationship that was built in Miami.
  •    “Randy was and is always generous with his time. More than any other teacher I have ever had, Randy consistently puts his students’ needs before his own. If there is an interview or an event that Randy felt I needed to get to, he would find a way to get me there if I couldn’t do it on my own. Randy taught me how to behave as a professional, and conduct myself in a professional environment. I will always be grateful for the education Randy has given me and for the friendship that we enjoy today.”
  •    Stano doesn’t reserve this special attention to only his students at his university but to anyone with aspirations to become a journalist. Randy Yeip, a graphics editor at the The Wall Street Journal recalls seeing Stano in action when he was a student at the University of Michigan.
  •    “I first met Randy Stano when he was coordinating the Society for News Design’s Quick Courses, the organization’s one-day traveling workshops, which were often hosted and staffed by student chapters. It was clear to me that Randy’s favorite part of the gig was getting to speak and interact with the student attendees. He paid special attention to the aspiring designers and graphic artists, happily sitting for hours critiquing portfolios and providing career advice. And perhaps most impressive is how attentive he remains to those individuals over the years, as they mature from diffident young students to award-winning and admired professionals. There’s no question their success has been propelled in part by his supportive guidance.”
  •    Colleague and friend for over 25 years, the illustrator Sean Kelly, say of Stano:
  • “It’s common for a design educator to have a good eye. Randy Stano not only has an extraordinary eye but he also has a wonderfully creative mind, for he solves countless problems imaginatively and effortlessly. Randy also has a keen ear, for he attentively and tirelessly listens to best understand his students’ and colleagues’ needs and aspirations. And most of all, Randy has an enormous heart, for he is one of the most caring individuals I’ve ever known, and he gives of his time and his wisdom so genuinely and so generously.”