Columbia Scholastic Press Association

CSPA is an international student press association, founded in 1925, whose goal is to unite student journalists and faculty advisers at schools and colleges through educational conferences, idea exchanges, textbooks, critiques and award programs.

Registration Fees and Payments

A note about registration fees and payments

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  • Event registration payment policies



In order to provide better service to our members, event participants and supporters, we are providing the following information regarding our payment policies.

Please read through all sections of this page before contacting our office.

We welcome your telephone calls, e-mails and faxed correspondence regarding anything for which you may need clarification.


Event registration payment policies

CSPA publishes its early and late registration deadlines for each of its events.

These dates are carefully included on our Web site event pages, in our printed material and on our registration forms and other event-related files available for download at our Web site.

For both the annual Spring Convention and Fall Conference, substantial discounts and/or savings can be realized if registration deadlines are considered. Summer Workshop participants should use our deadlines as to keep in line with our "first come, first served" policy.

CSPA establishes its deadlines to help budget its time and financial resources in preparing for your arrival on campus. Many departments of the University (which CSPA must pay for their services during our events) require deposits and/or full payments BEFORE our guests arrive on campus. Some outside vendors (from whom CSPA purchases materials and/or services) also require some sort of advance payment.

This means that even before you arrive on campus, the Association has made major financial commitments to ensure the best possible experience for our guests.

For this reason, we are unable to grant refunds and/or credits after our published deadlines. This is why we ask each registered group to bring substitutes for those who are ultimately unable to attend our event(s).

Individuals and/or groups who register after the published early deadlines will be liable for all registration fees. When planning to register AFTER a published early deadline, please keep this in mind.