Columbia Scholastic Press Association

CSPA is an international student press association, founded in 1925, whose goal is to unite student journalists and faculty advisers at schools and colleges through educational conferences, idea exchanges, textbooks, critiques and award programs.

Criteria for Key Nominations

Criteria to nominate

As amended on March 14, 2007.

With the Gold Key, CSPA recognizes educators and members of the professional press primarily for their service to the Association. Through their contributions to CSPA, Gold Key recipients have demonstrated their support for excellence in teaching journalism and in student press advising.

Gold Key recipients meet all or some of the following criteria, in descending order of priority:
I. Honorable service to the Association and to the education of student journalists
A. Significant numbers of students in the journalism program or student publications program
B. Involvement in the CSPA as a speaker, as a judge or as the author of articles, books or monographs the Association has produced
C. Active membership in state or regional student press association(s)
D. Recommendation by school administrators, other school personnel, media professionals or former students active in professional journalism.
Note: Self-nomination is prohibited.

II. Outstanding contributions and achievements in student journalism
A. Speaking or teaching at journalism workshops
B. Evaluation of publications in national, state or regional contests
C. Authorship of books, or of articles in national and state education or journalism publications
D. Leadership in a national, state or regional journalism/adviser organization
E. Receipt of award(s) for achievement in education

III. Members of the professional press should meet the following criteria:
A. Participation in educational conferences, seminars, workshops and conventions as a speaker or a teacher
B. Financial and technical support of student publications
C. Coordination of mentorship programs and internships for student journalists and service as a professional adviser when called upon to do so.
Note: Under most circumstances, should be a professional member of CSPAA for a minimum of five years.

IV. Individuals who are neither educators nor journalists but who have contributed significantly to the aims and goals of the Association are also eligible for the Gold Key.

Nomination Information
Once a nomination has been submitted, CSPA will contact the nominee and ask that a current resume along with a personal statement be forwarded to the committee. The nominee will be asked to provide the names of two references with phone numbers and email addresses. Of the two required supporting references, only one may be from a coworker.