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2000 Paschal Citation

2000 James F. Paschal Award citation for John Hudnall

Kansas Scholastic Press Association

This year's recipient is John Hudnall, executive director of the Kansas Scholastic Press Association.John Hudnall

One writer of a letter of support for him says, "John has come to be regarded as a true friend of scholastic journalism across the state. When we advisers face problems of any kind, we tell each other 'Call John.'

"We know he will give us solid advice and support us in any way possible, even visiting with administrators if asked. We also know that he will champion our scholastic press rights.

"Since John became director, Kansas passed the Student Publication Act, which grants rights taken away by the Supreme Court. Two times since, that act has come under attack, but it has survived because John played an integral part in the actions that led Kansas to do the right thing. Beyond his solid organizational and leadership skills, we have come to appreciate his fine story-telling ability and his great sense of humor." Another nominator writes, "I cannot say enough good things about John Hudnall. I work as a critique judge for several state directors around the country, and I cannot think of anyone who works harder than John does. He is truly an asset to journalism education-in Kansas and nationally."

Mr. Hudnall began his 21-year teaching career at Marshall High School in Marshall, Mo., in 1969. He also taught at Blue Springs High School, Blue Springs, Mo., and at Westside High School in Omaha, Neb. In 1990, he began his position as executive director of the Kansas Scholastic Press Association and as a lecturer at the William Allen White School of Journalism at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, where he teaches reporting classes. He is also director of the Kansas Journalism Institute.

Mr. Hudnall has been vice president and president of the Central Missouri Journalism Educators Association, and secretary, vice president and president of the Nebraska High School Press Association. He has been awarded the Gold Key from CSPA, the Pioneer Award from the National Scholastic Press Association, and was named the Adviser of the Year of both the Nebraska High School Press Association and Creighton University, and was selected the Westside Community Schools Teacher of the Year.

Mr. Hudnall's advice to beginning teachers and advisers is, "Don't take yourself too seriously; laugh at least once a day. Be impressed with the maturity of high school students on a daily basis."

Mr. Hudnall's involvement in the school press has meant "taking a stand," he says. "It means going out on a limb. It means support. It means sheer joy. It means utter despair. It means a laugh a minute. It means disappointment. It means shedding a tear-or two. It means making new friends and adding to the Christmas card list. It means frustration. It means extreme pride in a former student who has achieved. It means unconditional love. It means your life becomes dependent upon a 16-year-old's whim. It means, ultimately, the greatest job you could ever possibly obtain."

This citation was written and presented by Edmund J. Sullivan, executive director of the Columbia Scholastic Press Association.